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Easy Ring Cleaning

Diamonds naturally attract grease and oils, by using dish soap and an old toothbrush gently brush out all those unwanted elements.  Dish washing soap works better than any jewelry cleaning solution in the market.

Breathe life to your old jewelry

Recycling your old jewelry to a meaningful piece can be done by collaborating with us on a personalized one of a kind piece or choosing a Pret-a-Porter from our collection. Making this an Eco-ethical creation for you to...

New Market

The gold market is finally stabilizing and because of that the prices of gold and platinum jewelry are more and more reasonable, come and set an appointment to design your new engagement ring or wedding bands.

GIA Diamond Buying Guide

1) Choose a jeweler as you would choose a doctor. He or she should be armed with expert training, open to questions and able to provide answers in clear, simple language. A measure of a jeweler’s knowledge is wheth...


Recent Works

Experienced jeweler creating one of a kind custom diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, and more.
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