Breathe life to your old jewelry

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Recycling your old jewelry to a meaningful piece can be done by collaborating with us on a personalized one of a kind piece or choosing a Pret-a-Porter from our collection. Making this an Eco-ethical creation for you to wear and enjoy every day.

Redesigning your old jewelry is Eco-friendly, ethical and a guiltless luxury.

Eco friendly: recycling your existing materials means less harm to mother earth  (it takes 6 tons of ore to collect 30 grams of gold)

Ethical: Because no outsourcing of  labor is involved.

Guiltless: Saving on cost by using your old jewelry.

Heirloom pieces often hold great sentiment and fond memories, rest a sure that we will handle your heirlooms with utmost respect and care as we know your life story is unique and will be honored.




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